There are few constructions that better reflect the culture of leisure and satisfaction that swimming pools create. Adding a swimming pool in your private home means increasing your quality of life, not only because of its intrinsic advantages, but also because it means that there is a garden and the opportunity to enjoy life outdoors.

MQS Be Green offers you: water in motion, infinity pools, water curtains, integrated spas, water projectors, bright colours, fine materials and unusual shapes adapted to the surroundings with cutting-edge designs. We create recreational and aesthetic spaces that are very different from conventional spaces, designed so that you can enjoy the benefits of the water in all senses of the word. It is the culture of water based on the creativity, design and quality of its materials.

MQS Be Green’s work is not restricted to new swimming pools. We also work extensively on projects to embellish and remodel existing swimming pools.

Paving for the pool’s deck and terrace

The finish of the deck is the final phase of building a swimming pool. We choose a material based on the interior coating that integrates properly into the surroundings and the possible exterior coatings of the home.

The most important factors for this material are that it is non-slip, that it absorbs as little of the sun’s heat as possible, and that it slopes towards the outside of the vessel to prevent dirt from entering the pool.

The deck defines the perimeter, and is one of the items that most strongly emphasise the character of your swimming pool. There are several alternatives for this finish: natural stones, artificial stones, natural wood and porcelain materials. It is also possible to combine two different types of tiling. These materials are available in various colours, finishes and measurements.

Interior swimming pool coatings

Swimming pools are no longer merely a means of relaxation and leisure, and have become an essential part of the home. Together with the design, the inner coating of the swimming pool is one of the factors that will aesthetically determine its beauty and harmony.

Today, there is a very wide range of interior coatings for pools, which meet the needs of any user, and which have the technical characteristics required to withstand the passage of time, and corrosion by chemicals.

There is currently a wide range of colours and textures of these materials on the market. A pool need not necessarily be blue. If you are seeking an effect that is “Caribbean blue”, “light blue”, “sea water” or “dark but you can see the bottom” (in the words of our clients) you should sit up white, green or grey coatings that produce marvellously pleasant colours in the swimming pool in the sunlight.

Quality finishes

The way to tell if a swimming pool is well built is in the details of the finishes and the materials that make up the vessel. So simple and yet so difficult to do.

Purification devices (skimmers, jet nozzles, connection of cleaner fittings, drain, underwater projectors, integrated cleaning equipment, buttons, etc.) are built into the vessel and may be points where water leaks out if they are not properly installed and sealed.

It is essential that these accessories are of high quality for the installation and construction of a swimming pool. The accessories can be ABS or stainless Steel. At MQS Be Green, we recommend stainless steel as it is more durable, and looks unbeatable. However, what is most important is a correct installation and sealing.



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