MQS Be Green’s commitment to our customers is to keep your pool in good condition for many years to come.

Swimming pools require their installations to be maintained and kept up to date with a series of technological breakthroughs that were possibly not yet available when they were built. These affect both the embellishment of the swimming pool and the purification and filtration equipment, and new water treatment systems, which are less aggressive for the body and more efficient.

Swimming pools must be kept in optimum conditions all year round, and adapted to the season, so that maintenance costs are not too high. Autumn and winter is the best time to undertake repairs, modifications or more in-depth maintenance work, if the swimming pool needs it.

Here are some of the most frequent jobs your pool may need doing:

Pool Basin
Clean the walls and bottom.
Replace the grouting of the interior coating and replace pieces.
Repair cracks.

Purification and filtration equipment
Change the sand in the filter.
Replace the sand in the filter with AFM crushed glass.
Check the motor-pump unit and the pipe network.
Replace lamps with underwater LED projectors.

Water treatment
Install equipment that is not very aggressive to the user, such as saline electrolysis, ozone or ultraviolet units.

Heating the water
Installing boilers, heat exchangers or pumps, is a good idea for extending the swimming season and enjoying the pool.

Installing automatic covers and blankets is an excellent solution for keeping the water at a pleasant temperature and avoiding contamination from the outside.



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