We have fitted over one million swimming pools, and more than 50% of those are over 10 years old. Swimming pools obviously need to be refurbished and adapted to the needs of today’s market.

At MQS Be Green we carry out both complete and partial refurbishments.

A complete refurbishment consists of modifying the pool vessel, reducing the depth, repairing cracks, adding access staircases, changing the inner coating, the deck stonework and installing a new network of pipes and filtering equipment.

A partial refurbishment involves making some changes to the pool, adapting it to new needs without having to modify the vessel. We can achieve spectacular results simply by making a few changes.

Work that your pool may need to optimise its state and performance:
– Repairing water leaks in the vessel.
– Replacing the inner coating.
– Replacing the outer coating, the deck stonework and the pool surround: today there are new anti-slip materials which give the swimming pool a new look. For example: harmonising the deck of the pool and the surround with the same material.
– Replacing the underwater lights with low-consumption LED lights.
– Replacing the sand in the filter with recycled glass as a more efficient and economical filter medium.
– Water treatment using Saline Electrolysis, Ultraviolet, Ozone equipment, etc.
– Installing a thermal pool enclosure to reduce water losses due to evaporation and maintain the water temperature.
– Installing a boiler, heat exchanger and heat pump for a longer season of pool use.
– Grouting of the coating.

In short, it is a question of giving the pool better equipment that will help you enjoy for longer and save on maintenance costs. At MQS Be Green, we recommend regular work to avoid having to perform a complete refurbishment because the state of your pool has deteriorated.

Year-round swimming pool
“I decided to use everything I have; if not, I get rid of it. And what do I do with the swimming pool? My decision only goes halfway. I use it for four months a year and I have it for twelve – that can’t be right.”

Every swimming pool is different, and each owner has different expectations. We cannot apply the same solutions to all pools – it depends on many factors (environmental, construction, etc.). We must try to make sure that the aesthetics of the garden are not affected by the changes that are going to be made to the swimming pool.

To resolve this issue, we install a heat pump to heat the water and a thermal pool enclosure to maintain the temperature. This refurbishment satisfies our clients, who see value for money from the work done, and can also use the pool all year round, enjoying the benefits of swimming.



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